How to earn with paid surveys in 3 easy steps

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Answering online surveys


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Getting paid for answering online surveys

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Earn money online – it is easy with MetroOpinion

Earning money online is quite easy with surveys from MetroOpinion.

We have optimized our software to find the most relevant surveys. More relevant surveys means more money for you.

When we find a perfect survey for you, we will send you an invitation via email. It is important that you sign up with your primary email address. Registering with the email address you use regularly is the best way to earn money. If you do not participate when invited, the invitation will go to another member of MetroOpinion.

Payment is easy with MetroOpinion. You can choose between multiple payment options. We have thousands of happy members of MetroOpinion that have received money from us.

It is fun to earn money with MetroOpinion. Companies use your answers to create better products. This means your answers make a difference.

Payment for surveys is easy

Understand the payment options




PayPal is easy if you prefer cash payment. When you reach the payment threshold you can withdraw your money with one click. Make sure that your email address on MetroOpinion is the same one you use for PayPal.

Vouchers are popular and many users prefer them. You can spend them online or in a store. They are easy to use and fast to receive. Vouchers are available in most countries MetroOpinion serves.

Donating your earnings to a good cause is a great idea. We have the option for you to donate the money. In the dashboard you can see and choose who will get your donation.

Work from home by doing surveys

It is easy to participate in surveys from your mobile phone or a computer. You can access our surveys anywhere, so it’s the perfect job to do from home. It doesn’t take much time and you can do it whenever you want. Everyone can participate and earn money working from home. You can even answer surveys while you’re doing something else. Participation is very flexible.

Answering surveys from home is meaningful. Your answers help create better products and services. Companies use this information to improve products.

How much can you earn by working from home?

You will get paid for every survey you participate in. It is a solid side income. At MetroOpinion we make it very easy to work from home by doing surveys. We have some of the best surveys on the market. You can see what you will earn in every survey invitation.

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