8 Proven recurring revenue streams โ€“ Earn online effortlessly

By Andjela | Jun 30 2022

People of the modern world are looking for efficient ways to earn money. Business owners need to have recurring revenue and several streams of income. Creating recurring revenue is a great way to grow your business and make it sustainable.

Small business owners should create recurring revenue for their company. There are several ways to do this. The most common recurring revenue streams earn money online with little or no effort. In this article, we will discuss proven ways to earn money online effortlessly.

What is recurring revenue?

It is a business model that gives predictable revenue at regular intervals. A high degree of certainty sets it apart from other business models. It represents a product or service that customers get on a predictable basis.

A consistent and reliable income allows owners to enhance their business. Investing time in other sectors will increase the efficiency of the company.

Learning ways to generate stable income will increase your earnings. There are many ways to do this, and here are some of them.

All-access content library

This idea works for all types of content creators. Creating content can earn recurring revenue with a membership subscription system. Make people want to pay to be able to access your content.

Novels and poetry writers need great marketing. Journalists can provide snippets of informative content. Access to full articles is only available through a monthly or yearly membership fee.

The format of written content recurring revenue is complex. It requires more content, interesting marketing, great call-to-action, etc.

Visual content, like photography, is easier to some extent. Stock photography websites do all the work for you. Take pictures that clients can use in their blogs and social content. Redistribute them with a one-time payment which is a great passive income.

Graphic designers can make some generic vector graphics and other digital designs. People use these for social media. The secret is to know what type of content to provide that most users will want. It needs to be generic and unique at the same time.

Other forms of created content, like podcasts and webinars, are also good. Having a library for the entire content can lead to some extra cash on the side.

Service plans for regular renewal

Products and services that need renewal are quite demanding. Creating a service plan for customers can help to generate recurring revenue. The aim is to sell to existing customers. This saves money and time spent on advertising and marketing.

Membership programs include different niches

Online membership programs include virtual golf and country clubs. The variety of services provided is wide. Membership programs deliver content and help build a community. It will offer consulting services or, provide access to training. Try to reel in new clients with personalized offers on products/services.

Having a membership site can increase the value of your business. At the same time, it will increase its earning potential.

Consider providing services for monthly or yearly subscriptions. They are better for one-off sales because of vanity. Customers like to feel special. They are willing to pay more for specialized offers, tools, and personalized advice.

It comes down to the creativity of the business owner. Decide what the membership program will look like and what you will offer through it.

Online courses

Offering online courses as evergreen programs is very much like membership programs. Knowledge of a specific topic shared with people who pay.

The catch is that in the beginning, it takes quite some time. Content creation takes a huge chunk of effort and expertise. It is best if the concept sits on a platform where others can take part.

Outsourcing a piece of the workload can do wonders. Preparing content and even marketing through other sources is a great strategy. The promotion is organic and more efficient because it includes more people.

Digital marketers can create courses in the social media marketing or email. Designers can provide an introductory course on graphic design. Even an advanced course for a specific program is a good option.

The secret spice for this type of recurring revenue is to make it as simple as possible. Write and develop a course on a single concept. Try luring customers with extended knowledge. Offer courses on advertising, marketing strategy, etc based on your profession. The limit can be only by your creativity.

SaaS Offering

Software as a service means that specific software services offered monthly on a monthly/yearly basis. In exchange for money, clients can have access to more or less detailed software. Quality and level of access depending on their budget.

If you have a piece of software, consider selling it as a subscription program. This will generate recurring revenue and gather data. This ensures more freedom and time to keep improving the software. Over time the clientโ€™s demand can increase with proper improvement.

The most efficient SaaS software on the market is flexible. They usually offer upgrade options in different payment ranges. Some examples can include relationship management systems, cloud-based storage solutions, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

The recurring revenue model is the go-to for rookies. In affiliate marketing, it is possible to join another program. It can pay a specific commission for reselling its products or services.

This is the old business model people know from the 20th century. Tupperware, makeup, and anything that can sell. It has some form of affiliate marketing (now or in the past).

Many programs are free to join. Some businesses still need you to buy the product first. This is the first step to be able to take part. Usually, you will get an affiliate link. This link tracks visitors you send to the base website and if they convert.

The expansion of social media is a great base for affiliate marketing. There are many ways to incorporate affiliate links with recurring commissions. They can go through referrals. Another option is to post them on a resources page on the business website. It would be good to incorporate the links into the content. This takes craft and practice. There is a fine line between subtle propositions and angry marketing. The latter turns potential affiliates away.

Physical product subscription

The option for recurring revenue is close to specific products. A business that mail items to customers can consider it. This is a great opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.

Niche communities are a product of modern times. People who share an interest share merchandise preferences. Offering a physical product connected to the topic can have many benefits.

Monthly subscription boxes are a way to stay in touch with customers. They can come as a surprise or an option to order. The idea of client gifts makes the brand customer-oriented.

There is no right answer

This may seem like a list of basic questions but it is much more. Identifying the type of service is important for the brand as well. Also, having other talents can come in handy. If your job slides away from your passion this is the perfect opportunity to use it.

Expanding your communication skills, client base, or anything for the business is important.

Start to source products at low prices. Provide the order and delivery platform. Finally, get creative with the marketing.

Reaching out to the community through influencers and social media is a great choice. Combining that with a subscription box will reveal more about your brand. Keep in mind that ลกersonalization of packages is very important. Especially if there is space and time for such thoughts.

A combination of the mentioned

Combine membership site programs and delivery. This ensures a richer customer experience. This also makes it easier to build a community. Specific niche lovers join virtual platforms. Prepare content and education for interested people. From a majority base, some stable clients will come over time. The main assignment is to keep the community engaged and growing.

This requires planning and implementation of the mentioned strategies. Achieving recurring revenue should be a business goal. There are ways to learn how to make a recurring income. There are many ways in which people can start their own businesses. Having a steady income from PayPal can allow you to become a digital nomad. The way we earn and live only depends on us.